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    Seam CVS: should jBPM work? (jbpm.function.mapper not define

    Arjan van Bentem Novice

      I've noticed that since last Friday, CVS holds a patched version of jbpm-1.3.4.jar, which supports setting the function mapper. This patch is invoked from seam.core.Jbpm#startup().

      Trying to use the Todo List or DVD Store examples from CVS, I get

      org.jbpm.configuration.ConfigurationException with message:
      "name 'jbpm.function.mapper' is not defined in the configuration

      when a workflow is to be started.

      I wonder if this is just work in progress, or maybe I messed up something?

      In JBSEAM-842 and JBSEAM-1130 it is also noted that a new (patched) version of jBPM 3.2 will be needed when upgrading Seam jBPM support.