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    Context listener


      As a learning/debug helper I am trying to catch events when components are stored/removed from any context. org.jboss.seam.preSetVariable and the like do pretty much what I am looking for, but I would like to set this in a more coarse grained manner. As it is now, to use this I need to create a method for each event and for each variable I want to catch an event on. I would like to declare the components I want to catch events on and receive the events on the same listener.

      I could programatically add the observer when I see a component I am interested in but when the method is called I will not know which component it is for as there is no parameter passed to these methods.

      As an example if I have the following:

      @Name( "personAction" )
      @Scope( ScopeType=PAGE )
      public class PersonAction implements Serializable
       @In( scope=ScopeType.SESSION )
       Person person;

      And a listener something like:
       public presetVariable( Event someEvent )
       log.debug( "Event variable:" + someEvent.getVariable() );
       log.debug( "Component:" + someEvent.getComponent() );
       log.debug( "Contect type:" + someEvent.getContextType() );

      If somehow, in a yet determined way, I configure this component as an Observer for my event. I would like notification of when "personAction" and "person" have been added to context and removed from context and which context that is.

      I am not sure if there is already a means to do this, so any insight is appreciated.