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    Authentication using database accounts

    Stoigniew Sztank Newbie


      I'm trying to use Seam to build the application with the following requirement:

      PostgreSQL database with a set of defined user accounts (username, password and some privileges granted). The application has to use this accounts to authenticate application users.

      For example:
      Database has a user "Tom" defined (name, password, privileges ).
      When "Tom" login to the application the application should reconnect to the database with username and and password that "Tom" entered.

      I wrote that application should reconect but I'm not sure when the Seam application actually connect to the database. I reckon that when it is deployed (is that right?).

      Is it possible to implement this scenario with Seam?

      This requirement is set by my customer. The reason why to do it that way is to utilize the database build-in users activity reporting. Do you think it is good reason?

      I'm new to Seam and hibarnate.