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    s:selectDate slowing page rendering


      I have a page with several date fields and pickers.
      The pages loads slowly and blocks a little on every picker. Removing all the s:selectDate everything comes out immediately.
      Looking at the generated html i've noticed that for every picker stuff like this is repeated :

      var CAL_DAYS_SHORT = 'do,lu,ma,me,gi,ve,sa';
      var CAL_DAYS_MEDIUM = 'dom,lun,mar,mer,gio,ven,sab';
      var CAL_DAYS_LONG = 'domenica,lunedì,martedì,mercoledì,giovedì,venerdì,sabato';
      var CAL_MONTHS_MEDIUM = 'gen,feb,mar,apr,mag,giu,lug,ago,set,ott,nov,dic';
      var CAL_MONTHS_LONG = 'gennaio,febbraio,marzo,aprile,maggio,giugno,luglio,agosto,settembre,ottobre,novembre,dicembre';
      var CAL_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK = 1;
      var CAL_DATE_FORMAT = 'MM/dd/yyyy';
      </script><script type="text/javascript"

      This could of course cause slowness. Any way to avoid that repetition?
      Any other possible issue, i'm using seam 1.2.1?