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    combine panelbaritems with parameters

    bronk horst Newbie


      i`ve got a problem, maybe someone can help me. I define a panelbar, the items list the contents of a arraylist, e.g.

      <rich:panelBarItem label="#{FAQBean.faqTopicsActive[0].text}" height="10px">
      <rich:dataTable id="faqTableQuestions0" value="#{FAQBean.faqTopicsActive[0].questions}"

      Now, i`d like to add rendered-attribute to the panelBarItem, calling a method that calculates the size of the arraylist and returns false, if the arraylist is smaller, e.g.
      <rich:panelBarItem label="#{FAQBean.faqTopicsActive[5].text}"
      and my list only contains 3 entries.

      Therefor i have to call the method with a parameter, the current index i display in panelBarItam. Can someone tell me how to do this?

      lg and thanx a lot,