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    Enum Internationalised

    Tony Herstell Master

      This is probably obvious to all of you, but taken me days to get this working (and still not sure how!).

      Inside an Entity I have an internationalised enum (as I am hoping to persist a value of its kind with the Entity):

      @Entity // Defines this as an Entity that is a class mapped toDate the Datastore.
      @Name("booking") // Name used within SEAM for an instance of this class.
      public class Booking implements Serializable {
       public enum OrganisationKind {
       PRIVATE_BOOKING ("booking_private"),
       PRIVATE_BOOKING_OPEN ("booking_private_open"),
       NON_PROFIT_ORG ("booking_non_profit_org"),
       COMMERCIAL ("booking_commercial_org"),
       OPEN_EVENT ("booking_open_event"); // Only booked by Selwyn Equestrian Staff
       private final String inlLabel;
       OrganisationKind(String inlLabel) {
       this.inlLabel = inlLabel;
       public String getInlLabel() { return inlLabel; }
       private OrganisationKind organisationKind;

      I have a controller that requires this enum to be displayed as selectOneRadio... these routines handle the selection:
       public Map getOrganisationKindList();
       public Booking.OrganisationKind getSelectedOrganisationKind();
       public void setSelectedOrganisationKind(Booking.OrganisationKind orgKind); not use I need this one as the Change fires ok
       public void selectedOrganisationKindChanged(ValueChangeEvent event);

      The Impl:
       * The currently selected Booking Type
       private Booking.OrganisationKind selectedOrganisationKind;
       public Map getOrganisationKindList() {
       Map<String,Booking.OrganisationKind> choices = new HashMap<String,Booking.OrganisationKind>();
       for (Booking.OrganisationKind type : Booking.OrganisationKind.values()) {
       choices.put(messages.get(type.getInlLabel()), type);
       return choices;
       public Booking.OrganisationKind getSelectedOrganisationKind() {
       return selectedOrganisationKind;
       public void setSelectedOrganisationKind(Booking.OrganisationKind orgKind) {
       this.selectedOrganisationKind = orgKind;
       public void selectedOrganisationKindChanged(ValueChangeEvent event) {
       if (event.getNewValue() != null) {
       Booking.OrganisationKind theOrganisationKind = Booking.OrganisationKind.valueOf(event.getNewValue().toString());
       selectedOrganisationKind = theOrganisationKind;
       } else {
       log.error("null new event passed in. Error!");

      The screen shows all this using:
      <ice:panelGrid columns="1" styleClass="center">
       <f:selectItems value="#{availabilityController.organisationKindList}"/>

      Now... I have to provide a Converter (no idea if this is right.. and the screen seems to find this without outjecting it to the view at all!!):
      @Stateless // A new component is created or re-initialised and re-used each time it is called.
      @Name("enumTypeConverter") // Name used within SEAM for an instance of this class.
      // All stateless session beans belong to the Stateless Context Scope
      public class EnumTypeConverterImpl implements EnumTypeConverter {
       public Object getAsObject(FacesContext context, UIComponent comp, String value) throws ConverterException {
       Class enumType = comp.getValueBinding("value").getType(context);
       return Enum.valueOf(enumType, value);
       public String getAsString(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object object) throws ConverterException {
       if (object == null) {
       return null;
       Enum type = (Enum) object;
       return type.toString();

      Anyhow, it may help some poor sap in the future!


      From the screen:
      O open booking (Selwyn Equestrian Centre staff only)
      O commercial booking (e.g. NZ Elite Horse Auctions Ltd.)
      O private booking but open to anyone (cost is per horse - max of 4 places)
      O non profit booking (Dressage Canterbury etc.)
      O private booking (cost is for Arena) <<---Selected
      Result (on screen and in controller) = PRIVATE_BOOKING