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    What am i doing wrong here? - (datamodel selection question)

    Joseph Nusairat Newbie

      So i have a SFSB AirlineService.

      It has 2 datamodels on it, one for departure one for return.

      Now obviously these display the same sets of information but have different queries.

      So i thought .... in the datamodel i'd switch a flag to know what is selected .. like so -

      <h:dataTable var="flightPackage" value="#{(onPage == 'departure') ? depFlightList : retFlightList}">

      when i run that. The page displays fine, lists are populated etc.

      However, the problem exists when i return back to another servicebean and try to retrieve the Datamodelselected .... it is null. Now if i just do #{depFlightList} ... it is fine. So i know my queries work, and in general the DataModelSelection items work.

      However ... why wont that work? is there some pre-rendering going on thats preventing it? or?