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    Login redirection not remember page parameters?

    Hung Tang Apprentice

      I am experiencing some problems with login redirection not remembering page parameters.

      I have a main page (main.xhtml) that goes to another page (call it go.xhtml) which requires login. After successful authentication, go.xhtml does not remember the page parameter that was passed in originally from main.xhtml, and as a result nothing is displayed. However, if I login prior to entering go.xhtml, the page parameter is remembered and the output is displayed.

      Here are the relevant bits:

      ## main.xhtml

      <s:link view="/go.xhtml" value="Go">
       <f:param name="hello" value="world"/>

      ## go.page.xml
      <page login-required="true">
       <param name="hello" value="#{bean.value}"/>

      ## go.xhtml

      ## components.xml
       <event type="org.jboss.seam.notLoggedIn">
       <action expression="#{redirect.captureCurrentView}"/>
       <event type="org.jboss.seam.postAuthenticate">
       <action expression="#{redirect.returnToCapturedView}"/>