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    Character encoding

    Anvar Sart Newbie

      Hello, i found this in Seam Reference

      Character encoding
      Sets the character encoding of submitted form data.
      This filter is not installed by default and requires an entry in components.xml to enable it:
      <web:character-encoding-filter encoding="UTF-16"

      ? encoding ? The encoding to use.
      ? override-client ? If this is set to true, the request encoding will be set to whatever is specified by encoding
      no matter whether the request already specifies an encoding or not. If set to false, the request encoding
      will only be set if the request doesn't already specify an encoding. The default setting is false.
      ? url-pattern ? Used to specify which requests are filtered, the default is all requests.

      But i'm wondering why this is not working for me?

      I found that after re-rendering cyrillic text data in <h:inputText> become unreadable.
      I'm using JBoss AS 4.0.5 and Seam 1.2.1
      Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?