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    desing pattern for remote accessing

    Mateusz Mrozewski Newbie

      I am looking for correct design pattern which will allow me to access data via EJB remotly. I want to have a single point of enterance both for SEAM application and for other applications, which use the same data.

      My current idea is to have:
      - Stateless EJB acting as a DAO
      - Stateful EJB, acting as a seam action
      - JSF as a presentation layer

      The stateful EJB calls the stateless to get the data. It also additionally has a remote interface which allows other application to call it. Due to convetions of seam I have to "double" the interface, for example:

      private List<Contact> contacts;
      private Contact contact;
      public void findAll() {
       if(contacts == null) {
       contacts = myStatelessBean.findAll();
      public List<Contact> getContacts() {
       return contacts;

      I find this sollution quite innatural, because you have to implement two interfaces, which do quite the same thing. The other idea is to develop a facade, but it introduces another problem: passing parameters and returning values - it is done by @In and @Out annotations in seam. You will have to call additional methods from facade to set parameters and get the returning values.

      Which sollution is better? Maybe you know a better sollution for this problem?