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    using pages.xml to manage conversation

    richajon Newbie


      I am trying to use only pages.xml to manage my conversation creation and end.

      I want to go from a page called pharmacyList.xhtml > pharmacyEdit.xhtml using a method on my controller (action) class.

      If I put something like this:

      <s:link value="Add New Pharmacy" action="#{pharmacyEditController.newPharmacy}" style=" color: #000000;" propagation="end"></s:link>

      it works fine if I use the propagation="end" attritube. (I have a @Begin on my pharmacyEditController.newPharmacy method).

      But it does not work if I remove my prograpagation="end" and I put the <end-conversation/> in the pages.xml file.

       <page view-id="/views/admin/pharmacies/pharmacyList.xhtml">
       <description>Pharmacy List</description>
       <navigation from-action="#{pharmacyEditController.newPharmacy}">
       <redirect view-id="/views/admin/pharmacies/pharmacyEdit.xhtml"/>

      What's wrong? Is there anything else I should do to make it work correctly? My goal is to use the pages.xml ONLY and the @Begin/@Eng to manage my conversations and not use the propagation="" attribute in my templates.

      Thanks for any info!