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    s:selectItems and text to display between the radio buttons

    Mark Spritzler Apprentice

      I have the following in my xhtml page

       <h:selectOneRadio value="#{operationAction.selectedControl}">
       <s:selectItems value="#{controlActions}" var="control" label="#{control.name}">
       <p></p><rich:spacer width="24px"/>
       <h:outputText value="#{control.description}"></h:outputText>
       <s:button action="#{operationAction.invokeOperation}" value="Execute"/>

      As you can see in between the opening and closing of the <s:selectItems> tags I want some extra text to display for each radio button, beyond the label. But this doesn't work.

      Also, when I select one of the radio buttons and cllick the <s:button> it is not setting my operationAction.selectedControl to the value of the selected radio button.

      What can I do to get this functionality to work? Am I in the complete wrong direction. I was going to use a richfaces component, but they don't have a radio button component.