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    Trying to understand how Seam Data Binding updates the model


      I have been unable to find a good explanation or example of how Seam Data Binding works on the Update side - the U in CRUD - in either the Seam docs, or Michael Yuan's recent Seam book.

      That is: How does data in a web page update fields in a Model object?

      It seems most of the examples in the docs and book are Create and Read CRUD operations. I couldn't find any where a model object is sent to bound editable fields on a page, and changes to those fields are sent back to update the model on submit.

      It seems to be implied by the claim that Seam lets EJBs/POJO back JSF components, yet examples & further discussion seem lacking?

      Also, how is custom binding of non-simple types (ie not ints, Strings, booleans), or multiple input fields -> 1 model field, supported? as per JSF?

      We build alot of business apps in my workplace where editing model objects is routine, and data binding makes it so much easier.

      Any URLs or Refs to examples appreciated.