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    Wrong datatable var type

    Francis LIMOUSY Newbie


      I used the clickable list example described in chapter 1.3 in the reference guide to create my own list page, but I have some:


      when I try to display the datatable

      The weird thing is that the same Object is in the DataModel and in the "var" of my datatable:

      certif com.fitnetapplication.certifications.entity.CertificationList@1faa588
      certificationList com.fitnetapplication.certifications.entity.CertificationList@1faa588

      (This comes from the debug page)

      Here is my bean code :

      public class MyCertificationsBean implements MyCertifications {
       @Logger private Log log;
       @In FacesMessages facesMessages;
       private List<Certification> certificationList;
       private Certification certification;
       private EntityManager em;
       @In(value="loggedCollaborateur", required=false, create=true)
       Collaborateur loggedCollaborateur;
       public void findMessages()
      (...) blablabla, I'm fetching all my list (...)

      My page :

       <h:dataTable id="certificationList"
       value="#{certificationList}" >
       <f:facet name="header">
       <s:link styleClass="columnHeader"
       value="certificationId #{certificationList.order=='certificationId asc' ? messages.down : ( certificationList.order=='certificationId desc' ? messages.up : '' )}">
       <f:param name="order" value="#{certificationList.order=='certificationId asc' ? 'certificationId desc' : 'certificationId asc'}"/>
       <h:outputText value="#{certif.certificationId}"></h:outputText>
      etc (...)

      I also tried with a rich:datatable but it didn't change.

      What am I doing wring here ?
      Why isn't there any "Certification" objects in my "certif" var in the jsf page ?