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    Same behaviour than good old-fashioned request scope ?

    Francis LIMOUSY Newbie


      I want to display a list in a datatable and I used the "clickable list" example from the reference doc.
      The only difference is that I'm using a SLSB instead of a SF one.

      The datamodel displayed is filtred on the logged user (typically, his "list of stuff").

      When I log in and display the page using a user, his list is correctly displayed but if I log out and come back with an other user, the previous list remains in memory (and my breakpoint in debug isn't activated).
      If I type "F5" or click the validating button on my page, then the list is re-loaded, filtered correctly and displayed.

      I'm using a SLSB and I tried different scope mode (EVENT and PAGE which seems close to request mode).

      Is it possible to have a similar behaviour than in request mode or am I doing a major conception misunderstanding here ?