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    Data Model Values not getting populated

    Andrew Schneider Newbie


      We are running into a slight issue, and it's probably something we are doing wrong, but cannot really see anything going wrong.

      We have a JSF page with a data model defined on it. The data model is being populated just fine on page rendering. Inside of this data model we have a text input down one column and a date picker down another (total of five columns). The problem comes in when we change some of the data in the text box or add new text to an empty text box, or modify one of the date pickers.

      When submit is pushed, the save() method on the backing bean is called and when we go to process the data model to parse out any changes, the data is the same as when it was rendered. No changed data gets pushed back to the server.

      Is there something we are doing wrong, or are we just off base on how the data model is supposed to work?

      We can post whatever code or config files would help.