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    Rich modelPanel

    k dcosta Newbie


      I have a page which inserted into a template.
      This page has a
      <a4j:include id="includeId" viewId="#pageView.selectedPage}" /> tag.

      Upon click of a button, corresponding page to be shown is set.that is selectedPage is set to an xhtml page.So that the xhtml page is included in the parent page.

      It all works fine.

      My included xhtml page contains a a4j:commandButton. On click of that i have called a script to show a <rich:modalPanel> which is in the same page.

      My problem is that, onclick the model panel is coming at the bottom of the page in IE7 and it is not at all coming in F.F.

      i took the viewSource from the browser, but the id's in the xhtml page is also not there in the source.Browser is also showing a script error, 'Position is null or not an object'. i searched the term position in the viewsource but could not find it.
      But when i refresh the browser and click the button, the model panel comes at the center itself in both the browsers, and now the view source also contains the xhtml page details.

      Why it is like this???
      Is there any way to make it work without refresh???

      Hope u understood my doubt, plz help me with this.