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    seam 1.2.1 -> 1.3 (CVS.20070531) causes wrong content encodi

    Zalder R Newbie

      Since the port to 4.2 and seam 1.3 (CVS.20070531), I've a problem serving my UTF-8 encoded static js files that were ok with 4.0.5 and seams 1.2.1. The problem is also not there if I use a simple war file serving those static files in jboss 4.2. That's why I think the problem might come from seam.

      A simple UTF-8 javascript file with BOM at the beginning of the file is served with the machine's encoding (iso-8859-1 in my case).

      To reproduce the problem (inside the booking example) :
      1. get the file from http://www.relationblog.com/ecrire/tools/fckeditor/editor/lang/en.js
      and put it in seam.home/examples/booking/view/js

      2. deploy

      3. go to http://localhost:8080/seam-booking/js/en.js : the file encoding is wrong and you can see the 3 BOM characters at the beginning of the file that should not be displayed