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    required jars & config

    Uros Milivojevic Newbie


      I am trying to start app with seam on tomcat 5.5. I have spend whole day and I can't.

      1) What are required jars (all of them) for seam to work on tomcat 5.5 with JSF RI 1.1 and Facelets BUT WITHOUT EJB3 - JUST JPA + HIBERNATE?
      2) Also how should web.xml and faces-config.xml look?
      3) What other config files should be present (seam.properties, pages.xml, components.xml, ...) and where I should put them?

      1) Examples structure is very confusing with resource folder.
      2) There should be more examples without ejb3 required and with facelets.


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          Mike Quilleash Newbie


          1) hibernate-all.jar should have all the hibernate + JPA classes/annotations. You'll also need the core Seam jars, jsf jars, facelets jars and any other seam dependencies. Which of these are required depends on the features of seam you use. When in doubt include everything in the lib directory unless you are sure you don't need it.

          2) There are plenty examples of this in the seam examples and the docs has explanation of the relevant pieces you need in these files.

          3) components.xml is the only required one. pages.xml is only required if you use the seam navigation stuff or page actions. All these files you go in the META-INF directory of your source tree.


          1) I would suggest looking at the ant build scripts to see how the examples get built. Or just run the ant build yourself with debugging on.

          2) To be fair ejb3 is the standard and the examples cater to the masses. Personally I use the same config as you (hibernate w/o EJB3) and facelets. I would imagine newer examples will use facelets in preference to JSP as I think everyone hates JSP by now, or at least agrees facelets is much better.