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    Can you check for Hibernate filters at some point in a conve

    Hung Tang Apprentice

      Currently when Hibernate filters are setup with Seam, they are either enabled/disabled during initialization of SMPC. In my application, these filters are disabled when I first get an SMPC, but I need Seam to do the check again for disabling/enabling (dynamically) while I'm in the conversation because the user may have triggered some action that requires filtering of certain data during a conversation or even nested conversations. Is there a way to do this?

      For example, consider a contrived hierarchy like below
      -> Organization
      -> Employees
      -> Assign Employee of the Month
      A user starts a conversation c1 by going into a region. He then starts a nested conversation c2 by going into an organization. He starts one more nested conversation c3 by assigning an employee of the month by selecting a filtered list of employees for that particular organization. c1 will activate SMPC and upon initialization will disable the filters because organization context is not set. Is there a way to do this check again at the time c3 is started?