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    <s:fileUpload> NPE

    asaf sh Expert


      I'm trying to simply use fileUpload with no luck,
      submitting the form always returns null of the bean's property binded to the 'data' parameter of the 'fileUpload' tag.

      I have exactly the same code as mentioned at the begining of this post:

      I use:
      - Glassfish as an app server
      - Seam 1.2.0.PATCH1
      - Facelets
      - Stateful backend bean

      I don't have any special filters in web.xml except 'org.jboss.seam.web.SeamFilter'

      Any idea?


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          asaf sh Expert


          just to mention:

          - If I replace Seam's 'fileUpload' tag with Myfaces one it works well and the file gets uploaded.

          - Something is very odd, even if I bind the tag with a varabile/backend seam component that does not exist it doesnt throw a 'property not found' exception when the page gets rendered,

          it renders the file component anyway and for sure it never calls the setMethod of the property binded to the 'data' parameter of the tag.

          As always, many thanks,