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    Good usage of propagation

    Francis LIMOUSY Newbie

      One thing I read from the doc is not really clear to me.
      I generated a project with seam-gen and it uses the conversations in the objects extending EntityHome and it actually works great (very good job guys BTW).

      But I don't understand one thing.
      The doc says that SFSB are used for long term conversations.
      The others objects are using temporary conversations.

      But the (bla)Home objects generated are SLSB right ? As they're juste declared with @Name annotation ...

      So, as I can understand now, (bla)Home objects uses temporary conversations artificially made longer using propagation ?
      Is that it ?
      Did I just haven't understood a single word from the reference and should go back to my labs immediatly ?

      Well If I can summarize the different questions:

      Is propagation used to extend temporary conversations in SLSB ?

      What is the default State for a bean declared with just @Name ? (SL ?)

      What is the default ScopeType ? (event ? conversation ?)

      Am I just stupid ?
      (btw, answering this one is not mandatory)

      Thanks for the help