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    More then one start state?

    Tomas Mika Newbie

      is is possible to have more than one start-state elements in the page-flow? As I am new in Seam, I need to help with quiet simple problem: I want to have just one pageflow:

      I have a non pageflow element list, when I click on one item of the list, the pageflow starts on "view detail", from the detail site I need to go to the edit page to be able to edit the details of the element. To this point all is clear and the pageflow works fine.
      But what I need is to connect the same pageflow from the list by "new item" link, which should point dirrectly to the edit page.
      When saved, even the new element or the updated one, the flow should always jump to the view-detail page. Flow shoudl end, when "done" brings the user back to the element list page.

      Do you know, is this generaly possible? Eg. to have two "start-state" elements? One for the view-detail and one for the dirrect "edit page" for the new item?

      Thanks Tomas