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    Eclipse Tips

    Colin Goudie Newbie

      I'm just after some tips in configuring my seam project in eclipse (I'm not currently usuing JBoss-IDE but can)

      Basically I'm new to Java web development. I've been doing a fair bit of fat client work with EJB3 on JBoss though. What I'm interested in is how to best do hot deployment of my web views.

      I'd like to be able to update my xhtml files and just reload the browser without having to redeploy my ear file everytime. (I'm currently using ant scripts to create my projects artifact files)

      How can I improve this process?


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          Ricardo Memoria Novice

          I recommend you to install the Exadel Professional plugin (www.exadel.com) ... It will give you reasonable preview of your xhtml pages.

          Considering you intend to use SEAM, to improve the development process I recommend seam-gen (it's an app in the SEAM directory, check the SEAM doc to have more information). seam-gen creates and configures an eclipse SEAM project with everything you need.