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    Collection and DataTable

    Miloslav Vlach Novice

      Hi all,

      I have problem with the page with collection of something entity. I would like to click on "Delete" button and call the method something.delete with parameter Long id. But I don't know how to do.

      One solutions is to use @DataModel, @DataModelSelection and dataTable . But how to do when I would like to use <ui:repeat> for collection iteration and create my own html structure. How to call delete method ?

      Know somebody how to solve this problem ? Without h:dataTable ?

      Thanks Mila

       style="margin-left: 10px;"><img
       src="/cms/content/?width=150&id=#{o.id}" /><br />
       <p><b>#{messages['image.name']}:</b> #{o.title}</p>
       <p><b>#{messages['image.size']}:</b> #{o.length}</p>
       <s:fragment rendered="#{o.description != null}">
       <p><b>#{messages['image.description']}:</b> #{o.description}</p>
       <h:outputText value="#{messages['delete.image']}" />