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    Enums in JSF code

    Fredric Newbie

      I have a xhtml file where I try to use an enum I've created for my system. The enum works when I use it to set values on entities' properties and can also print the enum, set as a value in an entity, in the xhtml file.

      But I can't seem to be able to create a rendered condition or print a value directly from the enum #{PStatus.ACTIVE}

      My enum:

      public enum PStatus {
       private int value;
       private PStatus(int value) {
       this.value = value;
       public int getValue() {

      Part of my xhtml file:
      <h:column rendered="#{bookable.week.period.status == PStatus.ACTIVE}">
      <h:commandLink action="#{subscriptionView.sortBy('email')}" value="Vinnare"/>

      What am I missing here?

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          Pete Muir Master


          "Frippe" wrote:
          <h:column rendered="#{bookable.week.period.status == PStatus.ACTIVE}">

          This isn't valid EL, EL has no support for accessing enum's - something like #{bookable.week.period.status == bookable.month.period.status} would work though (where you compare two instance values of enums).

          You can probably write a facelets function to do this. And yes, this is on my wishlist for EL as well!

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            Fredric Newbie

            Ok, thanx. I'll try another approach now and hope to get this working in a later version of EL.