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    Problem with a4j.res on IIS

    Todd Hough Newbie

      I'm running Seam 1.2.1 on JBoss 4.0.5 (with EJB 3) and have some pages using ajax4jsf.

      Everything works fine when I call JBoss directly through the HTTP connector. However when I try to access the site through IIS/JK it looks like IIS isn't passing through requests for /a4j.res. I have my JK connector setup to pass all requests through to JBoss and JK is the only ISAPI filter on this IIS instance.

      Has anyone else ran into this problem?

      I found where a4j.res is declared in org.ajax4jsf.framework.util.config.WebXml but I don't see how to override the value. I could recompile my own version of the class but hopefully there's a better solution.


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          Todd Hough Newbie

          Just wanted to post a resolution in case anyone runs into the same problem.

          It turns out we have a global ISAPI filter called UrlScan.dll that gets called before our JK filter. UrlScan.dll is configured as a security precaution to reject any URL with a dot in the path that's not a file extension.

          There's an option AllowDotInPath=1 that allows the /a4j.res calls to pass through but it seems like ajax4jsf should allow that path to be configured somewhere.