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    @In @Out @In(create=true)  confusion

    dreu zel Novice

      The problem

      with annotation is that one does not understand what happens behind the screen.

      I'm using a ejb3-hibernate entity definition(simply defined)

      in the pojo
      @In tableclass xyz is used

      I'm sometimes receving exceptions the xyz nullpointer exception
      because (i think) I conditionaly use XYZ IN MY FACELET xhtml definition

      depending on some other pojo variable i render the variables pointing to XYZ, conditionaly

      as in some cases xyz.variables(the prime key) are not rendered the @in initialized xyz is not initialised... ====> exception

      the exception occurs during page initialisation, during the rendering, prior to calling @begin so there is very little i can do to solve the bug
      it does not help using @out nor @in(create=true)

      can anyone confirm my theory ??? (seam 1.2.1)
      any chance for improvement with 1.3 ?