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    Do file upload component support jpeg and png only?

    Valerij Timofeev Newbie

      We'd need GIF images upload functionality.

      I found a statement that

      seamspace only supports jpeg and png

      Question: does this mean that the file upload component does not support GIF format?

      Another problem that we were able to solve ourselves: PNG and JPEG upload doesn't work properly in IE7, because IE7 recognizes content types in another way than e.g. FireFox 2.x and Opera 9.x do. Surprisingly IE7 cannot show images of these content types itself!

      The following workaround allowed us to solve this problem:

      public void setPictureContentType(String contentType)
       // fix for IE7
       ontentType = contentType.replaceAll("image/x-png", "image/png");
       contentType = contentType.replaceAll("image/pjpeg", "image/jpeg");
       this.pictureContentType = contentType;

      Any comments?