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    How to create reusable Seam components?

    Alex Newbie


      Can you please tell me where I can found information about how to create reusable Seam components? And is it possible?

      For example, I need a 'Forum' component (just a simple forum), which I then can reuse in many pages in an application.
      So I first created it in Seam (as usual web app), it consists of a set of *.xhtml and *.java files (backed beans). Is there any way to form it as 'Seam component' and then reuse?

      I tried to found such information but failed.

      There is ability to form it as 'ui:composition', but the problem is that it contains not only a 'view' part but also a ?business logic? part, and the 'ui:composition' tag encapsulates the view only.


      P.S. Sorry for my English.