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    Problem with conversation propagation

    Fleury Ludovic Newbie


      I can not propagate correctly the same conversation id during page flow navigation.

      Here is what I do :

      I start a page flow by calling the method "startNavigation" of a stateful bean myBean :

      @Begin(nested=true, pageflow="nav", id = "browseProcesses")
      public void startNavigation() {}

      At this stage, all is right and I see the URL :


      After that, I click the link :

      <s:link value="Show Processes" action="#{myBean.showProcesses}" >

      and the conversation id in the URL is :


      The cid value is OK at this stage, but if I click now the new following link on the new page :

      <s:link value="Show Process" action="#{myBean.showProcess}" >

      the conversation id change suddenly :


      The two methods myBean.showProcess and myBean.showProcesses return simply the name of a transition in the page flow.

      Why can I not keep the same conversation id after the second link? It works for the first link, but the conversation id change after clicking the second link... The two links have the same syntax...

      Thank you for your help.