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    Page scope,SERVER state sav, etc - clear explaination for th

    Przemyslaw Jaskierski Newbie

      I find page scope quite confusing and don't fullly understand how it works. Documentation is extremely short on this, and I found two threads (at the end of this post), that appear as giving two different answers from Gavin. Lack and/or incomplete info on this subject does not help with sane design of Seam-driven application. Can documentation on this be extended, please?

      Important: I'm using javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD=SERVER state saving, but every answer that I found on this subject seams like assuming CLIENT?

      1. First post talks about INVOKE_APPLICATION->INVOKE_APPLICATION (cross-requests) lifetime only, so why @Destroy method is never invoked (even after session timeout) on my PAGE-scoped bean? Is this bean freed and ready for gb collection or just leaks memory somewhere? Why? I just need this bean to endure form submission...

      2. Second post talks about serialization of this scope to the client, but I have SERVER state saving and AFAICT nothing gets serialized to the client, so how it works in this configuration? What about memory consumption and management.

      3. Is Seam meant for proper working in a SERVER state saving environment at all? Everything looks to work ok...