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    Seam 1.3alpha with Glassfish

    asaf sh Expert


      Just wanted to inform that Seam 1.3Alpha does not work with Glassfish running under Linux.

      I did some tests, it works fine with win32 GF distribution,

      not sure what could result such a difference,

      here are some info:

      1) Tested against Linux RH Enterprise 4/Gentoo with JDK1.5/1.6 - did not work
      2) Tested against win32 XP/2003 - with JDK1.6 - works fine
      all tests were done against GF V2 B51

      When I say 'did not work' I mean that no action gets invoked and no jsf components get rendered,
      (Couldnt see any exception though)

      Everthing works fine if I replace seam's jars with version 1.2.x.

      n.b - also tried to download latest version(06-18-07) from CVS