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    s:link does not work in rich:tree

    devx edg Newbie

      Hi all. I'm using the rich:tree component. Here is the code:

      <rich:tree switchType="ajax" value="#{menu.tree}"
       var="item" nodeFace="#{item.type}">
       <rich:treeNode type="none">
       <h:outputText value="#{item.text}" />
       <rich:treeNode type="url">
       <s:link value="#{item.text}" view="#{item.url}" />

      The s:link in the treeNodes does not work.
      Any ideas?

      Thanks. :-)

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          Pete Muir Master

          What does not work mean?

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            devx edg Newbie

            s:link do not redirect page that takes in a parameter with the target URL


            I'm using: Jboss-4.2.0.GA, JBoss Seam-1.3.0-AlPHA, richfaces-3.0.1 and ajax4jsf-1.1.1.

            Please help me!

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              devx edg Newbie

              Here is the html output for one rich:treeNode

              <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8" style="width: 100%;" rich:nodeId="j_id8">
               <tr id="j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8:mainRow" onclick=" return false;">
               <td class="dr-tree-h-ic dr-tree-h-ic-line-node">
               <img class="dr-tree-h-ic-img" id="j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8:handle:img" src="/helloseam/a4j.res/images/spacer.gif.seam" />
               <td class="dr-tree-h-ic dr-tree-h-ic-line-clp" id="j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8:icon" rich:draggableoptions="{'parameters':{'dragSourceId':'j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8','j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8':'j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8'} } " rich:dropzoneoptions="{'parameters':{} } ">
               <img class="dr-tree-h-ic-img" src="/helloseam/a4j.res/images/iconLeaf.gif.seam" />
               <td class="dr-tree-h-text rich-tree-node " id="j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id8:text" nowrap="nowrap" rich:highlightedclass="dr-tree-i-hl rich-tree-node-highlighted" rich:selectedclass="dr-tree-i-sel rich-tree-node-selected">
               <a id="j_id2:j_id5:Link 2:j_id9" href="/helloseam/node2.seam?cid=9">Link 2</a>

              do you need the full html output?