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    c:set (or ui:param) and s:link, s:button action parameter

    Christophe Arnaud Newbie

      I'd like to use some form of aliasing for my Seam components with qualified (and yet possibly long) names. I'd like my aliases to be valid for a given page. And I'm using facelets.

      I tried to use ui:param or c:set tags, and everything went fine - except with action parmaters of s:link and s:button tags.

      Here's the facelet code :

      <!-- my alias... -->
      <!-- <ui:param name="manager" value="#{my.package.manager}"/> -->
      <c:set var="manager" value="#{my.package.manager}" />
      <s:link value="s:link" action="#{manager.start}"/> // Not working
      <s:button value="s:button" action="#{manager.start}"/> // Not working
       <h:commandButton value="h:cmdButton" action="#{manager.start}"/> // Working fine

      Everything works fine with h:commandButton. But for s:link and s:button I got :

      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable, identifier 'manager' resolved to null

      As the action method called is #{manager.start} rather than #{my.package.manager.start}. Here is the html generated :


      Anyone has an idea ?