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    seam app and external ejb DB service (entities problem)

    zenon kowalski Newbie

      Hi all again,

      I've strange problem with Seam design. My Seam application beans use external beans to invoke database operations. I don't have any DB-related logic in my Seam app. The external application provides set of entities I can use, and here my problem begins.

      I have form in my application which has exactly the same fields as entity provided by external application. It'd be nice to use this entity as a Seam component (to have bijection etc.), but I think I can't do it, because this entity is not annotated with @Name and I can't do it. The only solution I think of is to have simple Value Objects as Seam components, inject them to my bean, rewrite properties from my VO to external entity and then pass this new entity to external bean method. But I think it's not an elegant solution. Do you know any other solutions of this problem?