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    Bug using Jboss seam and mySql

    Damian Diaz Newbie

      Hi there,

      I was working to re-create the default example using MySql instead of Hypersonic database. I use netbeans 5.5.1, JDK 5, MySQL 5 and the Seam plugin.

      After compile and successfully pluming everything, the sql execution throw me and error.

      12:35:05,546 INFO [MyfacesConfig] Tomahawk jar not available. Autoscrolling, DetectJavascript, AddResourceClass and CheckExtensionsFilter are disabled now.
      12:35:05,562 INFO [STDOUT] Hibernate: select jmstransac0_.TXID as TXID36_ from .jms_transactions jmstransac0_ limit ?
      12:35:08,546 INFO [STDOUT] Hibernate: select orderdetai0_.ORDERDETAILNUMBER as ORDERDET1_39_, orderdetai0_.ORDERNUMBER as ORDERNUM6_39_, orderdetai0_.PRODUCTCODE as PRODUCTC5_39_, orderdetai0_.QUANTITYORDERED as QUANTITY2_39_, orderdetai0_.PRICEEACH as PRICEEACH39_, orderdetai0_.ORDERLINENUMBER as ORDERLIN4_39_ from .orderdetails orderdetai0_ limit ?
      12:35:09,406 INFO [STDOUT] Hibernate: select count(*) as col_0_0_ from .orderdetails orderdetai0_
      12:50:34,812 INFO [STDOUT] Hibernate: select productlin0_.PRODUCTLINE as PRODUCTL1_42_, productlin0_.TEXTDESCRIPTION as TEXTDESC2_42_, productlin0_.HTMLDESCRIPTION as HTMLDESC3_42_ from jbossdb..productlines productlin0_ limit ?
      12:50:34,812 WARN [JDBCExceptionReporter] SQL Error: 1064, SQLState: 42000
      12:50:34,812 ERROR [JDBCExceptionReporter] Syntax error or access violation message from server: "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '.productlines productlin0_ limit 25' at line 1"
      12:50:35,234 ERROR [STDERR] Jun 20, 2007 12:50:35 PM com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler handleRenderException
      SEVERE: Error Rendering View[/ProductlinesList.xhtml]
      javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: /ProductlinesList.xhtml @49,65 rendered="#{empty productlinesList.resultList}": Exception getting value of property resultList of base of type : NewSeam.model.ProductlinesList_$$_javassist_51

      the error happens because the double dot after the jboss name (jbossdb..productlines). When I generated entities the system add catlaog @Table(name = "productlines", catalog = "jbossdb")

      If I define catalog = "" everything is working " from .productlines"

      I don't know if it is an error, bug or something else but I hope this information helps someone.