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    NonFacesRequest.invokeApplication() never invoked?

    Fumihiko Sugiyama Newbie


      The invokeApplication() method in the following code seems not to be invoked.

      public class FooTest extends SeamTest {
       public void testFoo() throws Exception {
       new NonFacesRequest() {
       protected void invokeApplication() {
       System.out.println("invokeApplication not called.");
       protected void renderResponse() {
       System.out.println("renderResponse called.");

      NonFacesRequest#invokeApplication() is never invoked?
      If so, why can we override this method?
      SeamTest.NonFacesRequest class doesn't support applyRequest(), processValidations() and updateModelValues().
      Why supports invokeApplication()?

      [my environment]
      -JBoss Seam CVS(1.3.0a)
      -seam gen-Generated project