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    [ANNOUNCE] Recent JSFCentral Articles (JBoss, Craig McClanah

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      Hello everyone,

      If you haven't checked out JSFCentral recently, you may want to read one of our recent exclusive articles:

      Designing User Interfaces with JSF, Dreamweaver, and the JSFToolbox

      Learn how to use JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver, a Web development tool that connects these two disciplines and promotes synergy between UI design and Java development teams.


      Interview with Craig McClanahan

      Craig McClanahan, Sun's Web 2.0 Architect for its Java Tools division and lead for Apache's Shale project, talks about JSF, Shale, development tools, and dynamic languages.


      JBoss: The JavaServer Faces Powerhouse?

      JSFCentral editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann discusses JBoss and their involvement in the JavaServer Faces community.

      Stay tuned for more new articles, including In the Trenches case studies.

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