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    General development question under Eclipse

    Peter Parker Newbie


      i'am very new to Seam and got some basic question.

      How is the development cycle? This means, my Jboss is running and i created a project with seam-gen. I develop some things and then? Which is the right: first undeploy ant target, the deploy. Or first unexplode? This is not that clear for me. Which target have to be run, when also databases tables should be updated automatically (if i changed some entity beans perhaps)

      My eclipse is doing something in the console, which is related to seam, but not initiated by me. Looks like a auto re-deployment. But i dont understand how it works, sometimes i changed something in my project and eventhing is fine, and sometimes a get an error pointing to the edited page in the webbrowser.

      So i would like to disable the auto deployment feature and do it on my own. How can i do that?

      Thanks for you help :)