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    Conversation scoped component automatically outjected

    Andrei Gh Newbie

      I am injecting a component with @In, from Conversation scope(the componenet was previously created). After modifying it in the action method (triggered from xhtml), the modification is visible in view (i.e. component is outjected).

      public class InformationAction implements Information {
       @In(required=false, scope=ScopeType.CONVERSATION)
       private RfqRequest rfqRequest;
       // this is an action called from an <s:button>
       public void testAction() {
       // this modification will be seen in the view
       rfqRequest.setName("new name");

      I understood that modifications on rfqRequest should be visible in view only if @Out is used. But it seems that it is automatically oputjected.

      Is this a bug?