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    Deployment of Seam-Gen apps to Glassfish

    rdg2cig Newbie

      I am using Seam 1.2.0 PATCH 1 and am trying unsuccessfully to deploy an application created using Seam-Gen within the NetBeans plug-in to Glassfish V1. We use Glassfish/Sun AppServ and can not switch to JBoss (unfortunately). I can get the demo Glassfish application that is bundled with the Seam distribution to deploy but not the Seam-Gen created apps. I have tried both WAR and EAR project types without success. I would like to use the Hibernate JPA if possible since it appears to provide more features with a Seam-Gen application than Toplink Essentials.

      I tried to use the same list of library JARs from the Glassfish demo but it does not seem to be complete for a Seam-Gen based app. Have looked at the stack traces when deployment fails and have added more JARs but still can't quite seem to find the right set and proper configuration. Could someone provide some guidance on the necessary JAR files to include for both types of Seam-Gen projects (WAR-based and EAR-base) and any additional configuration that is needed?

      I think Seam-Gen can be the Java answer to ROR and I really, really want to get it working for me on Glassfish. I'm looking forward to any assistance the community can give me. Thank you.