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    How to Initiating multiple jBPM processes from within a sing

    Vijendra Bhanot Newbie


      I am developing an application using SEAM, JBPM & JSF. I have a situation where multiple business processes will be initiated during an already active process.

      Is there a way to achieve this or may be an altered approach to achieve the same?

      This is what I intend to do:
      1)Process execution
      Process A: taskA1 --> taskA2 {Initiate process B--> taskB1 followed by Process C --> taskC1 --> taskC2 } --> taskA3

      Process B: taskB1 --> taskB2

      Process C: taskC1 --> taskC2 --> taskC3

      2) I am going to use a statefull model so I have a separate jPDL to define the pageflows. Within the execution of lets say, "PageFlowA" initiated using @Create; my jBPM process "ProcessA" is initiated using @CreateProcess(definition="ProcessA "). At second task (taskA2) of ProcessA I further initiate Process B & C.

      And this is where I am clueless about how to initiate these further new Processes B & C during an already active Process A.

      Many Thanks