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    JSF messages are localized, Seam messages are not.

    Daniel Kane Novice


      When I run booking example on Seam website, it shows "Welcome, username" (after successful login) always in English.

      At the same time, registration form shows "this field is required" messages localized to my language, other than English.

      I have build a simple web-application using Booking example as a template. I did not include messages.properties in package, and result is the same : localized "field is required" messages and not localized welcome message.

      Do I understand correctly, that JSF detects system language somehow and has internal bundles for many languages ? And, Seam is not ?

      There is no "Welcome, username" message in Java components , so I suspect it is something built-in , related to Seam authentication, identity, etc.

      I don't need language selection functionality in my site, but just all messages localized to one language. What is the way to do that ?

      Thank you.