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    Error during navigation before response fully rendered - cri

    Eric Newbie

      We've got our application almost ready to go (seam 1.1.6, myfaces) but we need to address a critical error that occurs during page navigation. If a user accidentally clicks to navigate prior to a previous navigation's response being rendered - the system crashes and returns the user to the default - no conversation view-id.

      Here is an example of the navigation flow...

       Step 1 Step 2
       click link OK click link Not OK
      Default ViewId --> ViewId2 --> ViewId3
       / \
       | Step 3
       | click link Not Ok
       | --> ViewId4
      While ViewId3 is being rendered
       (step2 is being processed) the
       user clicks another link to go
       to ViewId4. Neither ViewId is
       rendered correctly - the system
       redirects the user back to the
       default ViewId.

      Is there a common approach to solving this scenario - basically we want to block the user from performing any navigation prior to the response getting fully rendered?
      We were hoping to avoid having to put javascript on all the submit buttons/links for disabling the forms.