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    Problem trying to do a delete

    Amritha Ivatoori Newbie


      I have jboss-seam1.2.1GA jboss4.0.5 and Icefaces 1.6 DR#5.

      My application was generated with database schema from icefaces-seam-gen.

      I have a page that lists out my data using ice:dataTable, and I am trying to incorporate all the CRUD functionalities on that page.

      I am using the ice:rowSelector to select a particular row, in order to make modifications & save or delete.

      For now, I am able to edit and save information on this page. using #{home.persist} in the action attribute of the commandButton for saving

      But when I try to delete using #{home.remove} it doesnt seem to be working. It does nothing. just refreshes the page. Am I missing something here?

      I have already spent a couple of days just on delete. Please help.