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    s:commandButton  - does it exist?  pass parameters with it?

    lpmon Novice

      The URL below suggests <s:commandButton exists.


      and seam_reference.pdf suggests it exists as well.

      I am using IceFaces 1.6-DR5, Seam 1.2.1 and JBoss AS 4.0.5.

      I need to pass a parameter to an action method that originates from a serial/com port read via an applet. At the moment I would be happy to hard code a string and pass it to the method to see it work.

      When I use <s:commandButton I get a "...tag not found" type error.

      It is my understanding that <h:commandButton would not support parameters.

      I am new to JSF. I know I need to let the applet run and store the result into something that can be referenced by the command button so it can be passed. What is the recommended solution? As in where to store the applet output? A JavaScript variable?