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    EntityHome problem

    Markus Wolf Newbie

      I have a problem using the framework and EntityHome class.
      My page parameter is not set in the EntityHome on link click and therefore no entity instance is loaded into the EntityHome class.

      Anything I'm missing?

      My list.xhtml:

       <f:facet name="header">Username</f:facet>
       <s:link view="/admin/secure/options/details.xhtml"
       <f:param name="entityId" value="#{entity.id}" />

      My details.xhtml
      <s:decorate id="usernameDecorate"
       <ui:define name="label">Username:</ui:define>
       <ui:define name="field">
       <h:inputText id="username" value="#{account.username}" />

      My components.xml:
      <factory name="account" value="#{accountHome.instance}" />
       <fwk:entity-home name="accountHome"
       entity-class="de.llynch.kingpin.dao.Account" />

      And my pages.xml:
      <page view-id="details.xhtml">
       <param name="entityId" value="#{accountHome.id}"
       converter="java.lang.Integer" />
       <begin-conversation join="true" />
       <rule if-outcome="updated">
       <end-conversation />
       <redirect />
       <rule if-outcome="persisted">
       <end-conversation />
       <redirect />
       <rule if-outcome="removed">
       <end-conversation />
       <redirect view-id="/admin/secure/options/list.xhtml" />

      I'm also not sure if the begin-conversation and end-converstation tags are required. It does not work with or without them though.