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    Bug in a4j:outputPanel -> duplicate:ids

    Bjoern Sonntag Newbie

      Hello community,

      i hope im right here to report a bug in the a4j:outputPanel ...

      we've found one in the a4j:outputPanel - tag...

      szenario :

      In our projects we have severals projects which have 2 webpages with simple navigation rule. Side A leads to side B and you can get from side B to side A, but when we go from side B to side A we got an exception :

      javax.servlet.ServletException: duplicate Id for a component form:j_id6

      We have following interesseting code in our jsps

      <a4j:outputPanel layout="none" id="mainContentPanel">

      <!-- here are some widgets, like outputLabel, inputText, rich:calendar etc. --!>


      which we use like a tag to render several widgets, or not.

      But when we replace the <a4j:outputPanel> with a <rich:panel> and navigate from side B to side A its works fine but our markup looks like a slap with a golf club. This behaviour is repeatable !

      So we think there is a bug in the <a4j:outputPanel> or the Richfaces Framework have a problem with that.

      When you google for ""duplicate id" Richfaces a4j" you can see many many posting, that have <a4j:outputPanel> as common ground.

      with best regards