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    Problem with el parameter in dataTaqble

    Adrian Mitev Master

      Hi all! I have the following code:

      ejb for populating the dataTable

      public class ProjectSearchBean implements com.amitev.bts.ejb.ProjectSearchLocal {
       private EntityManager em;
       private List<Project> projects;
       public void retrieveProjects() {
       projects = em.createQuery("from Project").getResultList();

      The web page with the dataTable:

      <h:dataTable var="proj" value="#{projects}">
       <s:link value="#{proj.name}" action="#{projectBrowse.selectProject(proj)}" />

      And the projectBrowse bean
      public class ProjectBrowseBean implements com.amitev.bts.ejb.ProjectConversationLocal {
       private EntityManager em;
       @In(required=false) @Out
       private Project project;
       private Issue issue;
       public void selectProject(Project selectedProject) {
       System.out.println("selectedProject: " + (selectedProject==null));

      But when i click on the link in the dataTable, null is passed to the selectProject method. The url looks like this:


      Idea why null is passed to the action method. I saw this code in seam 1.2.1 booking demo so i suppose it has to work.